Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Barry M - Ruby Glitter

So, (I write 'So' alot!) My First Review!!!

Barry M - Ruby Glitter

When I first saw this,my teenage self started doing back flips.. I mean HELLO , Pink & Black.. Glitter!

When I got it home I started to think..How am I going to style this on my nails? ..  I have yet to find a design using this nail varnish that I like..

When It comes to nail varnish I have a few questions..

1) How many coats does it need?
2) How long does it last?
3) When am I going to wear this?
4) On a scale of 1-5 how much do I Love this product?

Well, Barry M - Ruby Glitter 
1) ... 
1st coat.. very subtle & wearable with the right base color. 
 2nd coat..getting a bit gloopy on the nails :( 
3rd coat.. A bit much ''/

When it comes to this nail varnish I think I'll stick to just the one coat I think.

2) With the 3 coats it didnt last 12hours before it started to peel. With the one coat I have previously wore this for about a week (I got bored) I have no doubt it would last longer.

3) In my opinion this is PERFECT for date night. I also think It would be good for NYE

4) I'll give it a 4 out 5. Just because I haven't found how I am going to wear this..
any ideas. Let me Know.

Great product, 1 coat is good enough for me but judge for yourself (I had a nude base coat if any one is wondering)

I hope you enjoyed my first review.. I will be back tomorrow :) 

Where to buy:
Boots: £2.99
I have also saw this on ASOS, Ebay & Amazon
Happy shopping :) 

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