Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sorry :(

Aaa I haven't wrote a review today despite me wanting to post one every day. But hey, I'm still posting a blog post (I hope that's ok).
It's just been a long day, I ended up working this morning & then that ran over into the afternoon.. Then I had to go shopping for bday prezzies (my niece unofficially turns 2 tomorrow - leap year baby). So I had to do that because I'll be at hers for most the weekend. I then came home and my landlord decided to bring someone up to look at the boiler. I then had to go out to tesco to get a few bits so by the time I got back I was exhausted and then I'm back at work tomorrow .. All this running around I think I deserve a new nail varnish so ima
go get one tomorrow .. Paint my nails on the way to my moms and get a review up tomorrow.
Tonight's just a ramble my deepest apologies if you was hoping for a review today. 
I'm just soo tired my eye lids are feeling heavy now and I think I'm gonna drop of so again sorry about the no review and sorry if this post is boring I just wanted to post something I didn't want you to think id suddenly become a techno-peasant (yes that's an actual word it was on my word of the day app lol) see tho tomorrow and I love each one of you who views my page. Goodnight xxx

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