Monday, 24 February 2014

So, as I sit here browsing through the online life of bloggers. I begin to think 'I could do that'.

I have questions running through my mind..
- What do I blog about?
- What will people think?
- Can I really do this?

Well the answers are simple..

1) I'll post about my obsessions, the things I love & my life.
2) Do I really care what people think? This is my life & I plan to make it AMAZING!
3) Yeah, I can do this, why not?

So, Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy..


There's a draw in my living room.. Inside hides a growing collection of Nail Varnish...

 Like I said..Growing. They're not all big expensive name brands, In fact the only well known brand in there is my Barry M - Ruby Glitter
I don't have the finances to spend £7+ on a single nail varnish every week.
The nail varnish I have, I have brought from markets, boots, clothes stores & some I have received as gifts.

My target is to review a nail varnish a week, that may be a recent purchase or one from my collection & who knows by the end of the year, That draw may just be full.

If you have any recommendations please leave in the comment box below, I hope you all have a nice day & I will be back tomorrow with my first review.

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