Thursday, 20 March 2014


Firstly, Let me apologize for the long time since I last posted. 

Well I should explain.
1) My Job.. My hours have currently been cut so I have been job searching like crazy.
2) Personal.. There's been a few things in my personal that I've been dealing with that I don't wish to get into.
3) Nails.. I haven't Painted my nails too often to be honest i've been letting them grow. However, I am now allowing my nails to grow.
I have finally stopped the awful habit of biting my nails :) 

I know it doesn't seem like ive been doing much..The main reason being job search.

Job searching is so so so so stressful. People say finding a job is easy.. that may be so but the what seems to be a never ending cycle of sending CV's becomes stressful. 

I haven't written a nail varnish review either & I haven't brought any since my barry m jelly that i brought.
Finances are hard. 

Business proposal.

I am now looking into starting my own business .. I am not going to say to much at the moment in time. 
However, If you like flavored teas please please please leave a comment and tell me your favorite teas.  

I will try my hardest to post more often but please do subscribe and keep a look out for my new adventures. 

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