Friday, 7 March 2014


Ok so it's been a few days the previous post I thought was published but obv not.. Ok so where have I been?? Well life's been a bit busy with job interviews and visiting family and basically just life.. Running a flat, holding down a job while trying to look for another one, a relationship and a very messy hamster .. Urgh life gets busy at times.. That's why I love moments like this where I can just sit on my settee, type on my phone and just talk.. Maybe I'm talking to myself but still it's comforting. 
Right now I've just finished tidying my kitchen and living room I still need to vacuum my bedroom and my office/guest room then polish everywhere & I've gotta sort my uniform for tomorrow but for now ill just sit here listening to pharell-happy. Whilst typing on my phone.. Oh shit! I've not had dinner and it's 7:16pm... I'll get to it In a bit lol after a nice hot shower and eastenders :) well what else do I write .. I do have a review coming up ima write it out before I go to bed and publish it tomorrow before I go to work .. Urgh I forgot to get my bus pass urgh that means walking tomorrow morning :( not something I wanted to do :( well ima be of now byeee x

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